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my 2 year old son is frighten to go outside

My 2 year old son has suddenly become frighten of going outside, cant get him to play in the garden says scared or noise, screams if I take him over the park, if I take him to playgroup just clings to me. I work on a friday and he stays with my sister-in-law who's a qualified child minder, he used to play with the other children now he just sits in his pushchair and screams most of the day. My Doctor ssaid there's nothing wrong with him will grow out of it within a couple of weeks, but he's getting worst not better any advise of how to help him would be appreciated

Re: my 2 year old son is frighten to go outside

I haven't heard of this before, maybe he had a bad experience outside and hopefully it is just a stage. I visit another great parenting forum which is very active someone there may be able to help.

Oops wrong link

Sorry the correct link is Try that.