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2 year old tantrums

Anyone got any suggestions?? My daughter has turned into a cheeky, short tempered difficult child since just before her 2nd birthday. I have heard of the terible 2's but did not expect it to be this bad. She used to be a good girl and would go 2 bed and behave when we went shopping but now she just has hysterical tantrums if she cant get her own way.
when will this end and how can i deal with this without going insane??????????

Re: 2 year old tantrums

I totally know what you are going through! My son was 2 in March and just before that his behaviour was unbelievable. He would scream and scream if he got frustrated and sometimes got aggressive with me. You have probably heard it all before but the best thing i could do was to distract him ie: really ethusiastically say "look, look at that plane/butterfly oh wheres it gone" and keep the discussion going untill she is searching for it. The best thing i ever heard about a childs behaviour is "If you don't like it, Ignore it" it sounds so simple but it's true.

Re: Re: 2 year old tantrums

Yep, sounds just like my little one. I will definitely try the distraction and ignore thing and see how that goes. Thanks