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My 8 year old

My 8 year old daughter has screaming fits that last for hours - no I am not kidding. Almost 2 hours ago, I asked my daughter to go and vacuum her bedroom. She has now been screaming for - you guessed it ! Twoh hours, not just crying - screaming at the top of her lungs. This has gone on since she was 3 - sporadically - I have tried ignoring her - doesn't work - I put her in the room - she follows me out again, I even tried locking the door like a doctor told me to - that screaming session lasted 8 hours culminating in a visit from the police. There is aboslutely no rhyme or reason to this at all. The only constant is that it is always when my husband - who is active duty navy is gone. This time he has only been gone two weeks.

Re: My 8 year old

has your daughter seen a counsellor? this might be a good idea as this behaviour does not sound normal at all, perhaps this is her way of expressing her feelings about her father not being there, perhaps she is scared for him or misses him very much and this is the only way she knows how to articulate her feelings. Talking to an objective observer who can reassure her may be helpful. good luck!

Re: Re: My 8 year old

She has seen a counselor in the past, and is diagnosed with ADHD (severe) due to being a preemie. I have a psychiatric appointment on july 25th, so hopefully we can get a referral to a regular counselor at that time.

Thanks so much!