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3 boys and Bedtime

I have 3 boys, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, and 5 yrs old. I put the littlest one to bed first and he usually asleep by 8:00pm. Then I put the other 2 in bed. Sometimes (more often then not) they are all still awake at 10:00pm. How can I get them to stay in their room, calm down, and go to sleep? I've tried reading, singing, a steady routine, etc. They can get nasty, throw stuff, say 'shut up', and get completely out of control. I've tried putting them back to bed numberous times, tried talking to them, ... What now? The 3 yr old is the late owl. He stays awake very late -- I think he does not need the nap at school anymore. The 5 yr old is tired -- and gets wildly out of control when he is over tired. The 2 yr old usually listens. They are all in the same room (with no room in the house to separate them). I'm open to any suggestions!

Re: 3 boys and Bedtime

I have 3 children. Two girls , 5 1/2, 3 1/2 and 1 boy who is 2. I have just dropped the afternoon nap for my boy. I find that getting them all ready for bed at 6.30, into bed at 7, and stories all together in one room works (normally the girls room so they don't have to get out of bed again). I play a background 'baby relaxing sleep CD' at the start of story time on the landing. It calms them all down subconciously whilst I read. I then settle the girls who are out like a light because of the tape. Then I settle my little boy, who is ususally more difficult to calm down. I sit beside his bed, no eye contact and say goodnight. I give hime 5 mins and then leave, saying I will pop back later and that I have jobs to do. He will normally settle himself. If he does get out of bed, I return him with little chat and eye contact. Kiss goodnight and leave.
As your kids are in the same room, I would encourage same time bedtime, as they are still young. Later reward the older child, that if he is quite whilst the other two settle, he can read for an extra 10 minutes.

Re: 3 boys and Bedtime

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