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Re: Re: : Depression in Teens

the lord???????? no doctor will ever ask your faith systems?...depression is nothing to do with religion .and faith may help you personaly but it is not you with depression and before you proclaim your faith you need to see a doctor as he is more easy to reach when you have depression....

Depression in Teens

I am thankful for the comments. Belief in the Lord provides the Faith and Right Belief is the essential part to grow.

How it links to medical condition of Depression? All sickness in one way or another is affected by chemical inbalance in the brain! How religion can help? It [as my doctor said] provides a metaphysical approach to all problems. It helps both the right and the left brain.

Denial of any issues like one of our writers here, reveals that his /her emotions take over but he or she will soon see the Love of God to care for us all no matter what! That is faith in action. Amen