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My son doesnt make friends easily

I have a slight problem with my son, he is 8yrs old and is fantastic with grown ups but when it comes to children his own age he cant handle it. He seems to only be able to play with one friend at a time and if they want to play with other children as well he gets very upset.
If hes playing with a group of friends unless they do what he wants to do he gets upset and comes in.
Its very upsetting because now none of his friends want to play with him as they say he moans all the time and now they've all started to pick on him.
I feel so sorry for him.
Is there anything I can do to help him???

Re: My son doesnt make friends easily

I would recommend that your son perhaps joins a club such as cub scouts here they encourage good interactive playing and socialising in a caring enviroment. By looking at how other children interact at the club he should be able to pick up good social skills. Also invite friends and their children over to your house or go out with friends and their children or family to parks , also if you play with him you can teach him how to play well!

Re: My son doesnt make friends easily

Myself and my husband do play games with him, hes our child its what you do when you have children. We dont have any friends who have children yet and the ones that do are babys. He used to go to beavers but didnt like it so left, we may try sending to scouts and see what happens.