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Re: Depression in Teens

It is essential that he visits his g.p he may prescribe medication or counselling. Depression in teens is common they may be tearful , moody, anxious, not want to see friends, feel they have no control over ther lives, and feel isolated. My son suffered from depression and we helped him by talking and somtimes just listening to him, we encouraged him to socialise with his friends which seemed to help. Also ensure they have a balanced diet fish oil supplements have been shown to help.

: Depression in Teens

Thank you for the note of confidence and sharing.

It is important to know that I pray to Jesus a lot after I heard from him that he is feeling very depressed with suicide tendency. Alarm: yes, Worry, no - because I know Jesus will bless him and heal him.

Nevertheless I went with him to a specialist [psychiatrist - with Medical Degree] and after an hour of discovery, found that he was a Right Brain person with creativity but place in a Left Brain college environment of regimental issues - hence this triggers off the problem. Still helping him- I share this for all parents to know that you may need a doctor to find that out , and a good one ! It costs me $286-00 for an hour plus some medication.

God Bless

Re: : Depression in Teens

Aloha Paul - I'm glad your family has strong faith in the Lord. He is our deliverer and our Rock!

However, depression is a medical condition which must be treated, with a combination of (possibly) medication, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, exercise and even special attention to diet. Of course, lots and lots of prayer and fellowship -- it's important not to isolate when you suffer from depression.

Please know that even Christians suffer from depression (God didn't promise us a trouble-free life; just worry-free). It does not mean we lack faith if we have a chemical imbalance in our brains.

I suffered from clinical depression for three years, and was on medication for two of those years. I recently weaned off the medication, and am doing great. On a spiritual level, the depression was actually (looking back) a good experience because through it God showed me His faithfulness in the midst of my own doubt and fears. Truly God makes ALL things work together for good for those who love Him.


Re: Re: : Depression in Teens

the lord???????? no doctor will ever ask your faith systems?...depression is nothing to do with religion .and faith may help you personaly but it is not you with depression and before you proclaim your faith you need to see a doctor as he is more easy to reach when you have depression....

Depression in Teens

I am thankful for the comments. Belief in the Lord provides the Faith and Right Belief is the essential part to grow.

How it links to medical condition of Depression? All sickness in one way or another is affected by chemical inbalance in the brain! How religion can help? It [as my doctor said] provides a metaphysical approach to all problems. It helps both the right and the left brain.

Denial of any issues like one of our writers here, reveals that his /her emotions take over but he or she will soon see the Love of God to care for us all no matter what! That is faith in action. Amen