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Children immitating animals

Have any of you encountered children who imitate animals (sounds, posturing)excessively? For example, my niece immitates a cat when she doesn't want to do what her parents are asking, and to avoid answering their questions. Do you have advice? Is this a creative streak or defiance that should be punished? Thanks for any tips.

Re: Children immitating animals

This can be a symptom of Aspergers Syndrome, and is perhaps a possibility to be looked at.

Good luck,


Thank you!

I'm so glad you mentioned this, as I spoke with someone this week whose daughter has mild Asperger's and also does regular animal imitation when she doesn't feel like interacting as a human. I feel like a puzzle is being assembled, so thank you for your important piece of insight.


Re: Thank you!

That is fine, being the parent of a child with Aspergers, we know how big and complicated the puzzle can be.