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My Child's Favorite Book

I just found out from my son that they are making a movie about his favorite book! A Treasure's Trove by Michael Stadther.
It's a beautiful fairy tale with fascinating illustrations and family values. He has become very passionate about the book, following the "hunt" and deciphering the clues...
Don’t know if anyone has heard of it, but it has gained a large fan base of people of all ages. The book follows a human, human/elf and a "doth" (kind of a cute winged dog) as they try to save the dying forest from the dark dust that falls each night.
In real life around the US now they are having a treasure hunt for jewels similar to those the characters look for in the book. You must use the story and illustrations to decipher 12 different locations around the US, and find a gold token redeemable for the jeweled creature. the 12 jeweled creatures total over 1 million dollars in value too. It’s a great book on so many levels. Now they are making a movie about it!
I really like to see jason, my son, when he is involved so beautifully with something like this. He gets so excited and enthralled, and I get to see and learn more about him and grow with him.
what are you're child's favorite books? or just something they couldn't stop talking about because they loved it so much?