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13 yo boy bedwetting and 10 yo girl starting! Help!

My son is turning 13 soon and he still wets the bed at night. He hates it and it ruins the rest of his day. My little girl who is 10 is now starting to wet the bed too! I've tried everything, my son has been tested, we've done the alarms, the medication, dehidration, lots of water, getting him up in the night but none are working. WE've talked about getting him to wear diapers or drynites to bed but he was quite against it. If i tell him he has to wear the diapers he'll do it but i dont want to force it on him, what should I do?

Re: 13 yo boy bedwetting and 10 yo girl starting! Help!

does he change his own bedding when he wets the bed, or do you get up and do it for him? at that age he is quite old enough to do it himself so if you are doing it for him it could be him subconsciously trying to get attention (because he knows you will get up and attend him) which could explain why his sister has started too. Also by doing it himself it is a discouragement as he has to deal with the mess. At 13, he is probably going through a lot of changes such as puberty, new school, new friendship groups etc so he is probably anxious and a bit stressed. Perhaps he could talk to a counsellor or an adult he trusts and if he feels like he is getting help with problems and stresses in his life he will be more relaxed which will hopefully resolve the bedwetting! i hope that some or all of the above helps. Good luck!

Re: 13 yo boy bedwetting and 10 yo girl starting! Help!

there are some things you can do...see your gp he may advise a case worker for any other problems the child may have that have not been identified or medication to stop the child wetting the bed..or a bell...a bell works just as the child is wettingthe bed but it rings(or makes a buzzing sound) and this wakes the child up...and never blame the child for wetting the bed..infact involve him in washing the beding..hope some of this helps

Re: Re: 13 yo boy bedwetting and 10 yo girl starting! Help!

Often children will commence bed wetting e.g when starting a new school, when being bullied, or when worrried about something e.g having nightmares. It is important to rule out these things. Nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting is very common in children and your g.p can refer you to an enuresis clinic where they may prescribe nasel sprays or give you a buzzer to be used at night which detects when the child is urinating! Remember that the majority of children will grow out of this!

Re: 13 yo boy bedwetting and 10 yo girl starting! Help!

you've tried alarms so I sugjest sticking with the drynites. They worked for my kids who had the same problem.