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How to get kids to read

I am a children's book author that just released a book in May titled The Little Prince and His Magic Wand. It teaches a valueable lesson - How to believe in yourself. The little prince takes a journey to find magic, he finds it through believing in himself. He meets along the way a kindred spirit, a beautiful angel. He also meets a Great Wizard that teaches him to look within himself to make his wishes come true. There is a miserable Ogre in the book but he isn't scary enough to have children shut the book and not wish to read it, he looks friendly, even though he did chase the angel into a briar bush... the reason shall be told in the sequel that will be coming out next fall. This book is available on

I started this book as a bedtime story I use to dress my son up as the little prince, made a cloak of stars to get him to imagine a different world. We played it as a game first and then he wanted to read it by himself. If you bring your children to discover a book with You they most likely will end up reading it to you. It's the perfect time to look through a child's eyes.

Jillian M Curtis

Re: How to get kids to read

Congrats on the publishing of your book. I try to read to our 4 year old every day. As a former teacher, I know the best thing I can do for our child is read to her!! Her favorite place to go is to the library.