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school going problem

i am having a child of 3 year old and we should to send him to playground since he was 2 years. when he was in play group he use to cry for starting 2 months and i use to be very tensed. now we have put him to new school which is very good school. all teachers are also very co-operative and good. nearly 10 days have passed my child is not able to settle in his school. he never speaks also - what he has done at school. this time also i am worried as when he will settle in his school. i have spoken to his teachers. they have told that it will take some time for them to settle. 75 - 80% childrens are able to manage. i request pray for me that my child settles fast.
need your suggests on how to handle this problem. he remains very upset throughout the day and tells only one thing "i don't want to go to school" i am working women and my in laws are taking care of him.

Re: school going problem


The teachers are indeed correct, it does take time for children to settle in. I recommend you give it a few more weeks and if you still have troubles, see a specialist about this.

I remember my days in childhood and I used to say every morning "I dont want to go to school".

This is just natural, but this is cause for concern and I advise you to see a specialist if the matter persists.

Hope this helps,

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Re: Re: school going problem

hi stefhen

thanks a lot for your advice

i am just wondering so what will be % of childern who are not keen on going to school at the age of 3 years.

and average of how many days/ months it will take them to settle.

because in my childs class i find 90% of the children are very well adjusted.

if you have any knowledge in this area kindly reply