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help! my new partner, his child and mine.....

I have a really difficult and sensitive problem. My new(ish) partner(male) has a child just two weeks younger than mine, almost 3yrs. I live with daughter and partner and 'new' daughter visit/stays over at least half the week. We have had arguments on one subject - fairness of discipline. I feel that, although we agree on how a child should be disciplined, when it is appropriate and so on, he favours his daughter in this area. He disagrees and the subject has become of limits now. I am very unhappy about it and don't know what to do. I have spent hours worrying, analysing, questioning things such as who is right, am I imagining it, am I jealous, is he, why is he like this, why am I, will it ever be resolved and who can I talk to and understand it all. I have considered installing close circuit cameras to play back and analyse but feel this is somehow deceiptful, but may illustrate just how desperate I am to resolve this. I have talked to my doctor and she suggested talking to my 'mother-in-law', but, as I see it, she(they) treats her like royalty, so don't think my problem would go down well there. If anyone could help, I would be so very, very grateful!

Keily x

Re: help! my new partner, his child and mine.....

hello...seen your post..this may indicate somthing else...he will be protective of his child but basic rules are needed and he is throwing the rules out of the window due to his protectivnes of his child and this may lead to other problems in the future as this behaviour will widen to other things and will cause your child deep hurt in the long term and even depression in some cases..but to have this from a man at this early stage in a relationship indicates he has set rules for him and his the question you may want to ask is"will he alter his own rules to accomadate you? and your kids?