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Re : Child Behaviour - Serious

I have a 6 years old son. A month ago, I was informed by his teacher that he has a habit of peeping the girls underwear, lifting girls' skirt and sometimes even touch their private part. I have talk to him telling him why he cannot do that and what will happen if he do again. But I was told today that he did it again (flipping the skirt). Do you think I should bring him to a Psychiatrist or Psycologist? Cause I really don't know what to do?
Please help..... Thank you

Re: Re : Child Behaviour - Serious

He may just be curious. He's probably heard things from other boys at school, etc... Find out if he has any questions and answer as honestly as you can, it might help to squelch his urge to... investigate. I wouldn't consider a psychiatrist/psychologist just yet.

Re: Re : Child Behaviour - Serious

At this age children are curious about the differences in members of the opposite sex. You need to reinforce the message that this behaviour is not acceptable as it will upset the girls and he is not to touch the private areas of the girls. If he is just curious r.e the female anatomy you may wish to purchase a childrens book which looks at anatomy and read the book together. You also need to ask him if anyone has been touching him in this manner e.g child or adult as this may be a posssibility.

Re: Re : Child Behaviour - Serious

I would take him to a psychologist or your pediatrician because my concern would be that someone had innapropriately touched my son... My daughter was molested by a family member which just about killed me - but she was exhibiting hypersexual behavior similar to that.