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hi, this is not about children but as it is a 'parenting' forum i thought that you might be able to help. i have recently discovered(not from her) that my mother is taking the antidepressant doxepin, i had no idea that she was even depressed as she certainly does not act like it, i knew that she saw a therapist occasionally but so do a lot of people so i did not think much of it. i feel awful that maybe i am the cause of it,and now my problem is that i can not trust my mother at all, how do i know what else she is not telling me? i feel like i have been violated and lied to and especially as a lot of other important things have been kept from me in my life and i feel that i cant trust anybody any more. I am wondering if i should confront her? or what i should do, some kind of answer! if you were in this situation would you let your children know? i would be far less upset if i had actually been told.elp

Re: wondering/worried

Before you start thinking everything is your fault and that you can't trust your mother, try talking to her. It may not have seemed like something important to her, and she might be unaware of how it affects you.