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Daughters behaviour at Nursery

Hi has anyone any advice? My 3 year old daughter started nursery school 3 months ago and since she started her nursery teacher has been having problems with her- she doesnt sit down at story time and runs around constantly, she also can't sit in the hall when they join the rest of the school for assembly as she wants to run around the hall so the teacher has started to take her out of the hall and now im going into the nursery half hour early (as asked by her) to try and calm her down at story time, but when i went down yesterday the teacher told me to read a story to her on my own! We might as well have gone home and read storys.I feel like they are singling her out from the group and by not letting her join in she is never going to learn, she isnt a bad child shes just boisterous and im suprised that she is the only one who hasnt learnt to settle yet.Should i move her Nurserys?
Me and my partner both spoke to the teacher about her behaviour and she said she was going to do a reward sticker chart with her but in 4 weeks she has only brought home 1 sticker and i feel really sorry for her- they was thinking sbout getting a special needs teacher in especially for her but why?! She is fine iwth talking and learning.
I think the teacher just cant cope with her tantrums and thats why she has me going in for the final half hour to sort her out during story.They only go for 2 and half hours in total!!!!
What do you think? Any advice would be great.


Re: Daughters behaviour at Nursery

I read your message with my jaw on the floor! It seems to me that the staff at the nursery your daughter attends just can't be bothered to give her any of their time unless she behaves like a little angel all the time. Getting you to come in for the last half hour is bad enough, but making you read her a story on your own is awful, as is their half hearted attempt at a sticker chart. My son is four and also goes to nursery for 2 and a half hours a day, he is a lively lad, as are several other children and the staff don't have any problems controlling them. If i were you, i'd move your little one to a nursery where the staff are capable and caring before she gets to feel like a complete outsider. Good luck