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Know when enough is enough!

Are you tired of watching your boss live a peaceful life because of your hard work and dedication? Do you care about the environment and want to help educating others on how important taking care of our earth really is? Do you want to spend more time doing the things you really love and save money? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then I may have an opportunity for you to consider. I am a wife, home schooling mom of three with dreams to save our world from the many toxins our communities are being exposed to everyday; simply from a lack of knowledge. My family’s health and wellness is so important to me and working in the field of mortgages wasn’t helping my plight. Something had to be done. I now stay home and earn an income simply by helping others reach their goals of better health and wellness. Home schooling pays much more (in my opinion) but my husband had to work twice as hard. I realized it was vital that we were both home in order for my children to really benefit. If this sounds like you please contact me. I would love to show you what I do. I don’t sell, stock, place orders or give parties (except birthdays) I simply care. For more info visit