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disciplining 4-year old twin boys

We have twin 4 year-old boys. Our problem is mostly
at church. We have a children's group on Wed. night
that we are very involved in, but our boys are the
youngest boys there. The next age group of boys are
8 and 9. The older boys run and wrestle and their
parents allow them to do that. Our boys, naturally
run and want to wrestle with them. We discipline our
two and have a time out seat away from the play area.
We use this for our boys, but it is hard for our boys
to understand why they can't do what the "big" boys do. Also, the Dads of the older boys play wrestle
with our boys and get them "wound up". The mothers
of these older boys have complained and one especially
has made many comments about our boys. Our boys want to walk up and start wrestling with the older boys and
they get rough with them. When we see this happening,
we discipline our boys. I understand that the mothers are upset, I would be also, but I am busy working at the kids group, so right now we have decided to just not take the twins to church, which
bothers me also becasue we view it as a family time
to be at church together. One of the Dads that plays
with our boys talked to my husband, saying that one
of our boys walks up and hits him in the stomach. This
has become a big concern for me because,naturally I
want to protect my boys also. What do you suggest?
It just seems harder with two, you get one settled down and the other gets going again.