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Help.....He won't get in the car seat

I am coming to the end of my tether. I cannot get my 2 1/2 year old to get in his car seat. Sometimes it has taken 25 mins to get him to get in. Takin him out, putting him on the door step or in a corner, even driving off (with someone reponsible close by of course). Generally he is fine in the morning because it's routine but other than that he is a nightmare.

Has anyone got any advice or suggestions to help me. I had to get someone else to put him in at the weekend cause I just couldn't face going through it again.

Re: Help.....He won't get in the car seat


Have you tried making it into a big game and getting him to climb in himself? My 2 year old loves climbing in himself and thinks its great fun. I strap him in quick when he's still laughing from his achievement and before he's realised we're off!

Or you could try the sticker chart thing. Everytime he does something you ask give him a sticker to put on his chart. When he has 3 stickers give him a treat. That way you can then say if he gets in the car he can have a sticker for his chart.

Good luck!

Re: Help.....He won't get in the car seat

I can't answer this one - but if someone else can answer a related issue. My four year old unhooks the latch on her car seat and gets out of the seat while driving. I have tried three different seats and nothing keeps her hands unable to undo.