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Re: Re: Am I the only ones that think teens shouldn't pleasure themselves?

Hi I have to say I totally agree with these replies, positive dealing is far more productive than negative. You need to be approachable in all instances when children are at this age and if you put the shutters up now you will never get them back down again. He is probably having wet dreams and may well be very embarassed, his friends may not be at the same maturity level as he is and so he not be able to even talk to them about it, don't make him even more insecure. I have three boys and although they are not in their teens quite often when we are watching tv at home my ten year old will have his hand down his pants and he doesn't even realise he is doing anything he just is. We ignore him or have a very light hearted joke with him which he joins in with us even though he will have a flush of embarassment he will still talk to us because it's OK. Also as one lady commented it's not a thing it is part of the body and use whatever word is best for you all, in our house it's a winky but the boys chose that not us, but because they chose it they are not bothered about speaking about 'winkies' and the strange things they tend to do.

Re: Re: Re: Am I the only ones that think teens shouldn't pleasure themselves?

Masturabation is suposed to releive sexual tension. If a young boy can pleasure himself it can help him control his temper better and stop him from going after any girls. Of cource it doesn't stop boys from wanting sex but it helps them to refrane. It also helps to avoid unwanted or uncalled for erections that could imbarass the boy. Masturabtion isn't just something boys do either, it shares the same benefits for young women as well.