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My child is stealing money


I am new to all this parenting help, I have two girls aged 10 and 11, they are quite grown up in some ways for their age, but in other ways act so childish.

Recently they went away with my mother and father for a weekend break, and I found out they had stolen £20 from my mums purse, I had my suspicions that they were pinching the odd pound from me for a couple of weeks, the unexplained sweets they had and so on, but they always had an explanation (won them at guides) I am devastated, I never thought it - not in a million years, I am not naive in anyway, but I trusted them 100%.

I have grounded them for a month, it was the first thing to come out of my mouth, and I said I would have to tell guides and church,
In the last 4 or 5 weeks she has become quite moody, she has some new friends that I thought was ok, but maybe its these new friends and freedom that is doing all this..


I just need someone to say what they might do in this situation.


Re: My child is stealing money

It's always painful when someone you think you can trust betrays you. You could try a guilt trip on them... that works with some children. Or try hiding your money and instead placing a note to them in the place your money usually is, letting them know you're not going to stand for thievery and that if they want money, they can either ask you for it, or find a way to earn it. Offer them odd jobs and such. And start keeping a close watch on your money, counting it regularly to see if any is missing.

Don't be too upset that they're doing this. Most children go through a thing like that, it likely isn't anything personal.