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No respect and aggresive

I have a 9 year old son who has been very difficult since he was 2.The older he gets the worse he becomes.He has no respect what so ever for me or my husband and our other children.He is so polite and a model child for anyone else..He shouts at us,kicks us, runs away, wont go to bed, argues with us, smashes things up if we discipline him.Please can anyone HELP me with some advice on what to do..I have taken him to councelling but he was so well behaved there she didnt believe he could be so naughty.We have tried grounding but the smashes the house up, tried taking away privilages but he shouts at us saying he doesnt care.

Re: No respect and aggresive

Did you see Supernanny last week? You should definitely try to get hold of that episode..sounds exactly like the little boy on the show with the exception that he was probably 5 or 6.

Re: No respect and aggresive

Take him to a child psychiatrist, and get video or tapes of him while he is angry, it sounds as if perhaps he has a chemical imbalance...