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My almost 10 year old son has a "girlfriend" that he has had for about 4 months. They give eachother little gifts, mostly things they make for eachother, send notes, etc and I found a note from my son to her and it sayd "your the best thing that has ever happend to me" and "I love you so much" - pretty serious stuff. I have talked to him about many options, lots of pretty and nice girls, you are in 4th grade and have all kinds of time to meet girls in your life, and he agrees, and has comments that go along with this...but I am worried. She called and asked him to the movies friday night and I said he could go if adults were with, turns out there were no adults going, so I said he couldn't go. He was pretty ok with that too. I don't know, but this worries he getting WAY too serious? Is this just "kid stuff???" Of course he is my oldest so this is NEW to me....just curious if anyone has ideas about this for me!


Hi there,

Not sure if this will help as I know things have changed a hell of a lot, but I had a boyfriend when I was 10. My Mum used to let him come over for tea after school and I would go to his house. There was nothing in it we were just friends really but at the time I felt really grown up having a boyfriend! I wouldn't worry too much. He'll soon get to a stage where he thinks girls are boring and the boys are much more fun to hang out with!


There's nothing wrong with young love, in my opinion. He's only 10, and it's very unlikely that he's found his future wife at this age. Besides, he sounds like an intelligent boy, aware that there are other things out there.