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nephews bad behavior

Help! I need advice! I have three nephews that are driving me mad. They break things and blame it on my children (I have seen them doing this, and then go to an adult and say that one of my kids did it - sometimes they blame each other) They curse at my children, are disrespectful to me and my husband, and tell bold faced lies to all adults. If they make a mess they each say someone else did it, and refuse to clean it up. We all live in the same house and I can't handle this much longer. Their parents do not punish them for this behavior. How do I get them to stop this, before I go insane?

Re: nephews bad behavior

Well i have an origonal idea for you...

In the case of a lie you can promise the kids ice cream or slurpy for no reason at all. You then pack them all up getting them all excited and then drive down to the local dairy queen or 7-11. right when you pull up and park turn the car back on and start driving home when they ask what your doing you can say "oh sorry, I lied!"
Of cource after they've calmed down explain why you did this cuase otherwise they might just be bad for revenge.