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Help I have a highly strung 8 year old son

Hi, I have an 8 year old son who basically is driving me insane, I have been in to see his teacher as his school work is being affected and he is a disruption in class. At home he is pleasant for all of 5 mins then he is ranting and raving, throwing things or himself on the floor and we end up screaming at each other, he winds me up so much I cannot help myself, I have dished out punishments for bad behaviour and not doing as he is told but it seems to have little effect on him. We live alone his father left us when my son was 6 months old and almost a year ago my mother died who was a big part of both mine and my son's life. I end up in tears some evenings when he is in bed as I feel so stressed out and not sure what to do, I was brought up in single parent family and was no way near as horrible as my son is, can anyone out there relate to this and please give me some advice?


Re: Help I have a highly strung 8 year old son

Hi there , My name is Carrie I am a single mother as well .5 years ago the father of my children passed away at the time my youngest was to young to remember him and my oldest who was close to him did't even grieve. Now i have an out of control 14 year old teenager on my hands and a 10 yr old following in her sisters foot steps and a very unsuportive family. I can relate i just wish i had some advice to give to give you im still looking for some of that myself as i feel like im going crazy and im wondering how im going to survive being a parent when my kids are controlling me. I guess reaching out for people who share similar situations help ...just talking,venting,or just knowing you are not alone. If you would like to talk sometime i have msn my name i s look forward to talking with you. bye 4 now and stay strong