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What's wrong with the world

I am reading these messages and I can't believe some of the issues people have. What ever happend to discipline? Everyone is afraid to spank thier child, afraid to make waves, making excuses for childrens behavior, and making excuses. You people have to realize that the biggest thing lacking in todays parenting is discipline. Society has taken alot of our rights to discipline our children and if we don't reclaim it I am afraid we are preparing the world for a future that will be totally screwed up. These kids who won't behave.. They are bad becaue they are allowed to be. Not to all of you, but to those who just let your kids do what they want and get by with it. I'd reccommend running down to the nearest walmart and buying a belt. If they can get by with anything they want to do as small children what will they be doing as teens? As barney fife always said... you gotta nip it in the bud.

Dirty Drawers

Re: What's wrong with the world

You are right, a lot of parents don't dicipline their children enough. They flat out spoil them...although I'm not quite sure about the spanking part, it seems a tad, oh, I guess harsh. However, I still think that some parents have ungrateful kids.