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potty training

thinking of potty training my 2 1/2yr old daughter, want to make it as easy as poss. any tips from experienced trainers please.

Re: potty training

Hi Sue.

I potty trained my daughter in the summer of last year, it was much easier because it was warm and she could walk around naked most of the time. I think the key to it is just perseverance but don't put pressure on her as it tends to have the opposite effect that you want. I used to get her to sit on the potty and play with what her her 'potty toys' which were toys that were just to play with when she sat on the potty. These included playing with water as well which I think helped her go at times! She did have lots of accidents and it was pretty frustrating but after 4 weeks she just took herself off to her potty one day and went and she has been dry ever since. Even if it takes a while your daughter will get there in the end. Good luck.

Re: potty training

try doing it during the warm months so u can do it faster it works and if u let her go naked it would be easier for the both of u and she learns lots faster i tried it with my cousins and it worked very very well

Re: potty training

I set my kids on the toilet seat backward. Straddling the bowl, facing the tank and put coloring books and crayons on top of the tank. Sitting that way they didn't have to hold themselves up or try to balance and they would just sit there and color for the longest time. As soon as they "went" it was party time! Clapping and hugs and kisses and a special treat. They both loved goldfish crackers so that was their special potty treat when they were successful. Good luck and remember that you can have a party everyday while you are potty training your child.