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I have been married for the last 2 years. My husbands children were not really involved, it was myself and my 7 year old daughter and him. Recently his children have been more involved, staying the nights and spending more time with us. Which has really put a strain on our relationship, his son is very agressive with my daughter, he is kicking and hitting her. I find myself not saying anything on these occurances as I do not want to make an agrument. However his son then goes back to his mothers and complains that I am nasty to him and I am always taking my daughter's side on every argument. My husband is not supportive of me or my daughter he constantly takes his son's side and speaks to me and my daughter in such a horriable way.It has become unbearable lately. I am at a loss. Whenever my husbands son comes to our house the tension levels rise. I do love my husband and I really want to make our marriage work, but I am at a lost as to what to do.Any good suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: step-children

I have an eleven year old stepdaughter that despises me. There have been arguments where she has hit me. My husband took her side nearly every time. Recently he has realized just how bad her attitude is and just how horrible she is becoming. My biggest fear is that she will one day harm my children. I would suggest that you go to family counciling. If you are concerned about your child getting hurt then I would do whatever you could to prevent it.

Re: Re: step-children

Eventually such occurances according to my calculations will end like this.
Your stepsons will rape your daughter when theyre about 20.If you dont want that talk to your husband at bed hell eventually come to your side.Then...BEAT THE %#@$ OUT OF THOSE SONS AND TELL THEM WHOS BOSS!
Thats all.