Adoption Application for Journey Home GSD Rescue

Please have the following information on hand before you begin to fill out this application: (1) The name & phone number of your current vet (if you have one) and/or any previous vets. (2) The name & phone number of two personal references (people not living in your home and not related to each other).

Does everyone in the household approve of the adoption? *
Do you own or rent your home? (If you rent your home, you will need to provide a copy of your rental or lease agreement with landlord name and telephone number with the application. Journey Home GSD Rescue contacts all landlords to verify pet policies.) *
Does anyone in the household have asthma or allergies to animals? *
Are you aware that GSDs are very active and that they shed year-round? *
Will you groom the dog yourself? *
Do you agree to abide by the animal control regulations in your area? *
Why are you adopting a pet? (choose up to two options) *
Dog Preferences (gender, color, age). Please check all that apply. *
Are you willing to work with a dog that is not housetrained? *
Are you willing to enroll in an obedience class? *
Knowing that you will be sharing your life with a dog for approximately 10 years or more, are you willing to make a long term commitment to a dog as a family member? (Remember that your dog is totally dependent on you for food, shelter, health, and veterinary care, including heartworm preventative, indoor housing, etc.) *