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Reducation Sale/Auction
Don't miss out. Alot of nice Mini rex , Hollands , and Jersey woolies available. Normally some of these would have stayed! Also have a brk black Havana doe will give a free breeding . And a beautiful palomino doe available as well. This is an Auction. Need to pay off land taxes so we don't lose our place. Come bid on some beautiful rabbits. Site on facebook under Blackfox Haven Rabbitry Convention Sales Blackfox's Korbin blk otter buck
FBR Melanie blk otter doe proven
Casablanca's Elektra brk blk otter doe
Casablanca's Lucinda blk otter doe
Blackfox's Clarrisa lilac doe
Blackfox's Chocolate Rain choc buck
Hawt Fur's Make up white doe proven
Blackfox's Hot Fudge choc doe proven
Blackfox's Candy Cane choc otter doe proven 3 legs
Blackfox's Olympia brk blk doe
Blackfox's Keisha brk choc doe
FFR's Warlow blk buck 1 leg
FFR's Ghost Rider blk buck 2 legs

Posted: Mon, 15 Dec. 2014
Expires: Fri, 13 Feb. 2015
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Colorado Black and Otters
Several nice black and black otter junior bucks and does, one blue otter doe to choose from. Nice structure and coat. Call or email to come see us or to get email pics!! $20 to $25 depending on quality. Delivery to castle Rock show available. Also non pedigree red and castor does and bucks available for $10 All are Mini Rex

Posted: Sun, 2 Nov. 2014
Expires: Thu, 1 Jan. 2015
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