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Broadfoot\'s Mini Rex For Sale at A
We still have some quality Mini Rex left for pre-sale at ARBA Convention! You missed us last year so dont miss us this year in Texas!

There are a variety of bucks for sale including a very nice black with 4 legs already including multiple BOB/BOS wins and a great white buck with a few legs under his belt too. We also have broken and chocolate bucks and a beautiful chocolate doe for sale as well!

Check out pictures, lines, and prices at our website... www.broadfootsbunnies.com

Hope to see everyone in Texas!
-Mary Broadfoot

Posted: Wed, 22 Oct. 2014
Expires: Sun, 21 Dec. 2014
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Sable Point Jr Buck for sale at ARB
Sable Point Jr Buck for sale at ARBA, He is entered. Getting his color in now, but not fininshed. He is entered to show. $150.00.

Posted: Tue, 21 Oct. 2014
Expires: Sat, 20 Dec. 2014
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3 Mini Rex Bucks left for Sale
I have 3 Mini Rex bucks left for sale, transport to the convention is available for a small fee. They are not entered at convention so must be picked up from the transporter. I am working on getting their pictures listed on the website

#1 - Broken Black Otter-(6/15/2014) out of Southern Belle's Winona (Broken Black Otter) & KC's Colorado Kid (Broken Black Otter) - $45

#2 - Seal-(4/21/2014)he does have some scatered white hairs, out of Erway's Sealia (Seal) & KC's Mahala Warrior (Seal) - $50

#3 - Blue - (5/5/2014) out of KC's Crazy Feathers (Broken Black) & KC's Last Of Colorado (Black) - $40

Posted: Wed, 15 Oct. 2014
Expires: Sun, 14 Dec. 2014
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For Sale(delivery to convention)
Scotcha/IBB's MA612 Castor sr buck
Blackfox's Castor jr buck (compart & Scotcha lines)
Blackfox's Dustin Castor jr buck (elites, scotcha's, and redelman lines)
FBR Sophie blk otter doe (casablancas)
Blackfox's Juna blk jr doe (ezdaes, redelman lines)
Blackfox's Martin blk otter jr buck (Evees and casablancas lines)

You may email me for pics and information on these. 918-944-8868

Posted: Fri, 10 Oct. 2014
Expires: Tue, 9 Dec. 2014
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Lilac mini rex brood doe available
For Sale: Lilac brood doe. EHR Lilly (C23). Lilly is a bigger gal but still young, born on 7/1/2013. We are keeping two of her lilac daughters so she can move on and help someone else out. She does have nice fur for a dilute. Nonshowable due to size. Please email palmersrabbits@gmail.com for more information and pictures.
We will be heading to Texas for Convention and can transport for no additional charge.

Posted: Tue, 23 Sep. 2014
Expires: Sat, 22 Nov. 2014
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Mini Rex Liquidation in Michigan.
Although we have tried very hard to return to the show table, it has become apparent that for now it will not happen. Thus we are selling our entire herd. Most of what we currently have are Silver Marten Mini Rex in Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac. Bucks and Does are available and all are relatively younger stock. I will also have some cages available at a later date as well. This herd goes back to Doreen Schultz's Stock from the 2011 presentation at Convention in Indy. If interested please feel free to email me, or call 231-755-2351

Posted: Mon, 15 Sep. 2014
Expires: Fri, 14 Nov. 2014
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