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New or used this is the place to find the beautiful items for your altar or sacred space.
Looking for a special something for your home or for a gift? Have a look at some of the artwork here.
Personal Care, Body & Bath - a place to treat yourself. Soap has it's own category.
Books (0)
Buy, Sell, Trade - New & Used - Books are the precious tools of learning.
From wax to wicks and the beautiful things created with them.
Pagans LOVE to dress up! Come see what wonderful items are waiting for you.
Have a question? Find out who can help you answer it.
From charms and talismans, to items empowered for a personal purpose. This is the place to look.
Aromatherapy too :-)
Events (0)
Find out the special things happening!
One of my favorit places - gifts from the Goddess herself.
Here you'll find items dedicated to the special times in our lives.
From new, to used, to handcrafted, a treasure box of items.
I think the title says it all for this category.
Pagan Items that don't seem to fit in any other category.
Looking for fellowship? Advertisers, don't forget to put your location.
Sometimes, what you do, just doesn't fit any place. Now it does.
From the soap already made to all the things you need to make it.
Looking for the perfect God or Goddess? Or maybe just a garden gnome? Have a look.
From magical to mundane, from medicinal to flaverful. Hmmmmm.

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